Cash for Gold

FB CashForGold
Flying down to Rio this August?
Can you predict how many gold medals Great Britain will win at this year’s Olympic Games?
From 1st July until the start of the opening ceremony Friday 5th August, email your prediction of how many Golds Team GB will win.
Correctly guess the amounts of gold medals and win the same in Bonus Cash!
ALL correct predictions will win BingoHollywood Gold!
One emailed entry per player, only 1st prediction valid.

Aniston 15 gold Just For Fun
Caprice 14 gold Just For Fun
carlingbird 17 gold
cherrypicker 22 gold
colunp512 15 gold
Diva 34 Gold Just For Fun
Eagertowin 5 gold
emmalou13 33 gold
Estelle 49 26 gold
FRAGGLES69 48 gold
Frap123 9 gold
Garbo 25 gold Just For Fun
Halle 27 gold Just For Fun
hollydaze1955 22 gold
LUCKYBELLE23 33 gold
Mimi 17 gold Just For Fun
PerroLoco 21 gold
poppyhill 17 gold
Roxy 27 gold Just For Fun
scoobysnax 73 gold
sodexogirl51 20 gold
Stella 15 gold Just For Fun
TJW 25 gold
unluckymumof5 3 gold
valetta 35 gold
Vampy 26 gold Just For Fun
wintoretire 30 gold
wrighty5 14 gold

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